Sub 5 presents awards to club members and members of the running community at our annual banquet in January.  Below is a list of recent award winners:

2019 Winners

Female Rookie of the Year – Susie Fay
Male Rookie of the Year – Tim Collins
Race Director of the Year – Robin Clarke
Fred Merriam Spirit Award – Peter Lodge
Bill Pinkham Award – Shane Martin
George Sheehan Writing Award – Geoff Dapice
Outstanding Male Racing Season – Rick Reardon
Outstanding Female Racing Season – Rene Collins

2018 Winners:

Female Rookie – Julia Ellen Collins

Race Director – Robert Bryant

Fred Merriam Spirit Award – Robert Garrett Jr.

Bill Binkham Award – John Tjepkema

George Sheehan Writing Award – Kim Shire

Outstanding Male – Judson Cake

Outstanding Female – Deedra Dapice

2017 Winners:

 Female Rookie – Grace Smith

Male Rookie – Hunter Umphrey

Race Director – Gary Allen

Fred Merriam Spirit Award – Kevin & Lorry Taylor-Sheasgreen

Fred Merriam Spirit Award – Glen Holyoke

George Sheehan Writing Award – Larry Merrill

Outstanding Male – Erik Knickerbocker

Outstanding Female – Tracy Gurrette