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 June 17-20, 2016  New Balance Outdoor Nationals  Greensboro, NC
 June 18, 2016  Maine USATF State Meet/Region 1 Qualifier  Scarborough
 June 11, 2016  Battle Road Twilight Meet #4  Waltham, MA
 June 11, 2016  71st New England Interscholastic Championship  New Britain, CT
 June 6, 2016  Triple C Championship  Falmouth
  June 4, 2016  Class A State Meet: GirlsBoys – PHOTOS  Hampden
  June 4, 2016  Class B State Meet: GirlsBoys  MDI
 June 4, 2016  Class C State Meet: GirlsBoys  Foxcroft
 June 2, 2016  Andy Valley Middle School Meet  Oxford Hills
 May 31, 2016  Central Maine Freshman Championship: ResultsTeam Scores  Bowdoin
 May 31, 2016  PVC Freshman Championship Meet: GirlsBoys  Bangor
 May 28, 2016  KVAC Class A Championship Meet – KVAC Class B Championship Meet: GirlsBoys  Morse
 May 28, 2016  SMAA Championship Meet: ResultsTeam Scores  Thornton
 May 28, 2016  PVC Small School Championship Meet: GirlsBoys  Foxcroft
 May 28, 2016  WMC Championship Meet: Division 1: GirlsBoys; Division 2: GirlsBoys  Lake Region
 May 27, 2016  PVC Large School Championship Meet: GirlsBoys – Photos  Hampden
 May 26, 2016  MVC Championship Meet: GirlsBoys  Lisbon
 May 25, 2016  Junior High Meet at Winslow: ResultsScores  Winslow
 May 25, 2016  Busline Middle School Championship: GirlsBoys  Medomak
 May 25, 2016  Middle School Meet at Bath  Bath
 May 25, 2016 Middle School Meet at Leavitt: Girls Boys  Leavitt
 May 25, 2016  PVC JV Championship Meet: GirlsBoys  Brewer
 May 24, 2016  Freshman Invitational: GirlsBoys  Gorham
 May 24, 2016  Under the Lights Meet  Mt. Ararat
 May 24, 2014  Almquist Middle School Invitational: GirlsBoys  UMaine
 May 21, 2016  York County Meet: ResultsScores  Noble
 May 21, 2016  Community Cup Championship (Lawrence, Waterville, Winslow, Messalonskee, Skowhegan): ResultsScores  Waterville
 May 21, 2016  Tri-County Clash (Sacopee Valley, Fryeburg, Lake Region, Dirigo, Waynflete): Results  Sacopee Valley
 May 21, 2016  Old Town, Hampden, John Bapst, Central, Hermon, Bangor Christian, Mattanawcook, Greenville: GirlsBoys  Old Town
 May 21, 2016  River City Rivals (Bangor, Brewer, Edward Little, Lewiston): GirlsBoys – Photos  Edward Little
 May 20, 2016  York, Kennebunk, Wells, Traip, Old Orchard Beach, Seacoast Christian  York
 May 20, 2016  Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, Greely, Yarmouth: ResultsScores  Cape Elizabeth
 May 20, 2016  Mt. Ararat, Morse, Brunswick, Medomak  Mt. Ararat
 May 20, 2016  Cumberland County Meet: ResultsScores  Portland
 May 20, 2016  Gray New Gloucester, Poland, Freeport, NYA: ResultsScores  Gray
 May 20, 2016  Capital Classic “Under the Lights”: GirlsBoys  Cony
 May 20, 2016  Hancock Country Championship Meet: GirlsBoys  MDI
 May 20, 2016  Downeaster Classic (Belfast, MCI, Mt. View,  Camden, Lincoln, Nokomis, Oceanside, North Haven): GirlsBoys  Belfast
 May 20, 2016  Agricultural Classic (Leavitt, Spruce Mtn., Oxford Hills, Mt. Blue): ResultsScores  Leavitt
 May 19, 2016  Middle School Meet at Brewer  Brewer
 May 19, 2016  Orono, Foxcroft, Washington Ac., Dexter, Calais, Searsport, Narraguagus, Penquis, PCHS: GirlsBoys  UMaine
 May 19, 2016  Aroostook County Championship Meet  Caribou
 May 18, 2016  Middle School Meet at Brunswick  Bowdoin College
 May 18, 2016  Middle School Meet at Auburn  Auburn
 May 18, 2016  Middle School Meet at Hampden: GirlsBoys  Hampden
 May 18, 2016  Middle School Meet at Medomak: GirlsBoys  Medomak
 May 18, 2016  Marshwood, Sanford, Noble, Massabesic: Boys ResultsScores  Marshwood
 May 18, 2016  Cheverus, South Portland, Deering, Portland: Boys ResultsScores  Cheverus
 May 18, 2016  Bonny Eagle, Thornton, Biddeford: Boys ResultsScores  Bonny Eagle
 May 18, 2016  Middle School Meet at Mt. Ararat  Mt. Ararat
 May 18, 2016  Middle School Meet at Camden: GirlsBoys  Camden
 May 17, 2016  Bucksport, GSA, Sumner, Searsport  Bucksport
 May 17, 2016  Wiscasset, Monmouth, Winthrop, St. Dominic  Wiscasset
 May 17, 2016  Oxford Hills, Edward Little, Lewiston, Leavitt: ResultsScores  Oxford Hills
 May 17, 2016  Waterville Freshman Invitational: ResultsScores  Waterville
 May 17, 2016  Noble, Sanford, Massabesic: Girls ResultsScores  Noble
 May 17, 2016  Biddeford, Thornton Academy, Bonny Eagle: Girls ResultsScores  Biddeford
 May 17, 2016  Scarborough, Windham, Westbrook, Gorham: ResultsScores  Scarborough
 May 17, 2016  Telstar, Carrabec, Dirigo, Madison, Mt. Abram: GirlsBoysScores  Telstar
 May 17, 2016  Middle School Meet at Bangor: GirlsBoys  Bangor
 May 17, 2016  Lisbon, Boothbay, Hall-Dale, Richmond, Mountain Valley: GirlsBoys  Lisbon
 May 17, 2016  Middle School Meet at Mt. View: GirlsBoys Mt. View
 May 16, 2016  South Portland, Cheverus, Deering, Portland, McAuley: Girls ResultsScores  South Portland
 May 14, 2016  Caribou, Ft. Fairfield, Presque Isle, Houlton, Mattanawcook, Washburn, Limestone, Ft. Kent, Penquis, Sumner, East Grand, Greater Houlton Christian  Caribou
 May 13, 2016  Poland, Wells, Yarmouth, Lake Region: ResultsScores  Poland
 May 13, 2016  Bangor, Hampden, GSA, Hermon, Deer Isle: GirlsBoys  Bangor
 May 13, 2016  Foxcroft, John Bapst, Ellsworth, Dexter, Piscataquis, Greenville: Girls – ResultsScores; Boys – ResultsScores  Foxcroft
 May 13, 2016  Winslow, Messalonskee, Cony, Leavitt, Maranacook, Carrabec: ResultsScores  Winslow
 May 13, 2016  Kennebunk, York, Falmouth, Sacopee Valley: ResultsScores  Kennebunk
 May 13, 2016  Morse, Lewiston, Oxford Hills, Belfast, Medomak Valley, North Haven, Oceanside: GirlsBoys  Morse
 May 13, 2016  Greely, Traip, North Yarmouth Academy, Waynflete: ResultsScores  Greely
 May 13, 2016  Fryeburg, Gray New Gloucester, Cape Elizabeth, Old Orchard Beach: ResultsScores  Fryeburg
 May 13, 2016  Old Town, Orono, Brewer, MDI, Madison: GirlsBoys – Photos  Old Town
 May 12, 2016  Edward Little, Waterville, Brunswick, Mt. Blue, Mt. Ararat  Edward Little
 May 12, 2016  Erskine, Lawrence, Skowhegan, Spruce Mountain, Gardiner: ResultsTeam Scores  Erskine
 May 12, 2016  Mt. View, Camden Hills, Lincoln Academy, Nokomis, MCI, Islesboro: GirlsBoys  Mt. View
 May 12, 2016  Bucksport, Washington Academy, Central, Searsport, Bangor Christian, Narraguagus: GirlsBoys  Bucksport
 May 12, 2016 Middle School Meet at Old Town: GirlsBoys  Old Town
 May 11, 2016  Noble, Biddeford, South Portland, Sanford: Boys ResultsScores  Noble
 May 11, 2016  Gorham, Scarborough, Massabesic, Portland: Boys ResultsScores  Gorham
 May 11, 2016  Deering, Thornton, Westbrook: Boys ResultsScores  Deering
 May 11, 2016  Bonny Eagle, Windham, Marshwood, Cheverus: Boys ResultsScores  Bonny Eagle
 May 11, 2016  Middle School Meet at Belfast: GirlsBoys  Belfast
 May 11, 2016  Middle School Meet at Leavitt: GirlsBoys  Leavitt
 May 11, 2016  Middle School Meet at Wiscasset  Wiscasset
 May 10, 2016  Middle School Meet at Bath  Bath
 May 10, 2016  Junior High Meet at Lawrence  Lawrence
 May 10, 2016  Marshwood, Cheverus, Windham, Bonny Eagle: Girls ResultsScores  Marshwood
 May 10, 2016  Wiscasset, Boothbay, Winthrop, Mt. Abram  Wiscasset
 May 10, 2016  Portland, Scarborough, Gorham, Massabesic: Girls – ResultsScores  Portland
 May 10, 2016  Thornton, Westbrook, Deering, McAuley: Girls – ResultsScores  Thornton
 May 10, 2016  Biddeford, Noble, South Portland, Sanford: Girls – ResultsScores  Biddeford
 May 10, 2016  Middle School Meet at Bucksport: GirlsBoys  Bucksport
 May 10, 2016  Lisbon, St. Doms, Maranacook, Mt. Valley, Madison: GirlsBoys – Photos  Lisbon
 May 10, 2016  Middle School Meet at Brewer  Brewer
 May 9, 2016  Medomak, Oceanside, Camden Hills, Lincoln Academy: GirlsBoys  Medomak
 May 9, 2016  Hall-Dale, Monmouth, Carrabec, Telstar, Gould, Richmond: GirlsBoys  Hall-Dale
 May 7, 2016  Lisbon Invitational: GirlsBoys  Lisbon
 May 7, 2016  Traip, Kennebunk, Sacopee Valley, Poland, Cape Elizabeth, Seacoast Christian: ResultsScores  Traip
 May 7, 2016  Scarborough Relays: ResultsScores  Scarborough
 May 7, 2016  Yarmouth, York, Gray New Gloucester, Waynflete: ResultsScores  Yarmouth
 May 7, 2016  Brewer, MDI, Hermon, Dexter, Narraguagus, PCHS – “100 Years of Brewer Track Celebration”: GirlsBoys – Photos  Brewer
 May 6, 2016  Presque Isle, Caribou, Ft. Fairfield, Houlton, Ft. Kent, Limestone/MSSM, Washburn, Greater Houlton Christian  Presque Isle
 May 6, 2016  Morse, Brunswick, Mt. Ararat, Cony, Gardiner: GirlsBoys  Morse
 May 6, 2016  Old Town, Bangor, Bangor Christian, Central, John Bapst, Penquis: GirlsBoys  Old Town
 May 6, 2016  Hampden, Orono, Foxcroft, Washington Academy, Searsport, Greenville: GirlsBoys  Hampden
 May 5, 2016  Middle School Meet at Piscataquis Community MS – GirlsBoys  PCMS
 May 5, 2016  Lawrence, Waterville, Messalonskee, Erskine, Nokomis: ResultsScores  Lawrence
 May 5, 2016  Bucksport, GSA, Mattanawcook, Ellsworth, Sumner, Calais: GirlsBoys  Bucksport
 May 5, 2016  Wiscasset, Boothbay, Madison  Wiscasset
 May 5, 2016  Mt. Blue, Belfast, Winslow, MCI, Mt. View, Winslow: GirlsBoys  Mt. Blue
 May 5, 2016  Falmouth, NYA, Wells, Old Orchard Beach, Phillips Exeter  Falmouth
 May 4, 2016  Noble, Scarborough, Westbrook, Marshwood: ResultsScores  Noble
 May 4, 2016  Lake Region, Greely, Freeport, Fryeburg: ResultsScores  Lake Region
 May 4, 2016  Thornton, South Portland, Bonny Eagle, Massabesic: Boys ResultsScores  Thornton
 May 4, 2016  Biddeford, Gorham, Cheverus: Boys Results – Scores  Biddeford
 May 4, 2016  Andy Valley Middle School Meet at Lewiston  Lewiston
 May 4, 2016  Middle School Meet at Medomak: GirlsBoys  Medomak
 May 4, 2016  Middle School Meet at Camden-Rockport: GirlsBoys  Camden-Rock.
 May 3, 2016  Middle School Meet at Bangor: GirlsBoys  Bangor
 May 3, 2016  Windham, Deering, Sanford, Portland: Girls ResultsScores  Windham
 May 3, 2016  South Portland, Thornton, Bonny Eagle, Massabesic: Girls ResultsScores  South Portland
 May 3, 2016  Cheverus, Gorham, Biddeford, McAuley: Girls ResultsScores  Cheverus
 May 3, 2016  Middle School Meet at Brewer: GirlsBoys  Brewer
 May 3, 2016  Junior High Meet at Winslow: ResultsScores  Winslow
 May 3, 2016  Hall-Dale, Lisbon, Boothbay, Wiscasset. Winthrop, MCI, Richmond: GirlsBoys  Hall-Dale
 May 3, 2016  Middle School Meet at Mt. View: GirlsBoys  Mt. View
 April 30, 2016  MDI, Caribou, GSA, Hermon, Wash. Acad., Deer Isle, Sumner, Narraguagus, Ft. Kent: GirlsBoys  MDI
 April 30, 2016  Foxcroft, Presque Isle, Mattanawcook, Central, Bucksport, Ft. Fairfield, Houlton, Penquis, Washburn, Greenville:  GirlsBoys  Foxcroft
 April 30, 2016  Husky Throwdown: GirlsBoysPhotos  MCI
 April 29, 2016  York, Cape Elizabeth, Kennebunk, Lake Region, NYA, : GirlsBoys  York
 April 29, 2016  Leavitt, Waterville, Oxford Hills, Mt. Blue, Leavitt: ResultsScores  Leavitt
 April 29, 2016  Fryeburg, Traip, Yarmouth, Mountain Valley, Freeport: ResultsScores  Fryeburg
 April 29, 2016  Brunswick, Lewiston, Lisbon, Morse, Medomak Valley: ResultsScores  Brunswick
 April 29, 2016  Wells, Greely, Gray New Gloucester, Sacopee Valley, Seacoast Christian: ResultsScores  Wells
 April 29, 2016  Windham, Scarborough, Biddeford: ResultsScores  Windham
 April 29, 2016  Cony, Nokomis, MCI, Skowhegan, Edward Little: GirlsBoys  Cony
 April 29, 2016  Junior High Meet at Lawrence: ResultsScores  Lawrence
 April 29, 2016  Belfast, Messalonskee, Mr. Ararat, Mt. View: GirlsBoys  Belfast
 April 29, 2016  Brewer, Bangor, Orono, Ellsworth, Calais: GirlsBoys – Photos  Brewer
 April 28, 2016  Gardiner, Lawrence, Winslow, Monmouth, Maranacook, Spruce Mountain, Kents Hill, Jay: ResultsScores  Gardiner
 April 28, 2016  Hampden, Old Town, John Bapst, Madison, Dexter, Bangor Christian, Searsport, Piscataquis: GirlsBoys  Hampden
 April 28, 2016  Camden, Boothbay, Lincoln, Erskine, Oceanside, North Haven, Islesboro: GirlsBoys  Camden Hills
 April 27, 2016  Middle School Meet at Wiscasset  Wiscasset
 April 27, 2016  Telstar, Dirigo, Mt. Abram, Winthrop, Gould: GirlsBoysScores  Telstar
 April 27, 2016  Cheverus, Deering, Noble, Massabesic: ResultsScores  Cheverus
 April 27, 2016  South Portland, Bonny Eagle, Portland, McAuley: ResultsScores  South Portland
 April 27, 2016  Gorham, Sanford, Thornton, Marshwood: ResultsScores  Gorham
 April 27, 2016  Middle School Meet at Bucksport: GirlsBoys  Bucksport
 April 27, 2016  Middle School Meet at Waterville: ResultsScores  Waterville
 April 27, 2016  Middle School Meet at Belfast: GirlsBoys  Belfast
 April 26, 2016  Middle School Meet at MDI: GirlsBoys  MDI
 April 26, 2016  Middle School Meet at Brewer – Results  Brewer
 April 25, 2016  Hall-Dale, Mt. Valley, St. Doms, Richmond: GirlsBoys  Hall-Dale
 April 23, 2016  Waterville Relays: ResultsScores  Waterville
 April 23, 2016  Aloha Relays  Bowdoin
 April 23, 2016  MDI, GSA, John Bapst, Presque Isle, Bucksport, Central, Searsport, Ellsworth, Greenville, Sumner, Deer Isle: GirlsBoys  MDI
 April 23, 2016  Foxcroft, Orono, Caribou, Bangor, Bangor Christian, Calais, Ft. Kent, Penquis, Narraguagus, PCHS: Girls – ResultsScores; Boys – ResultsScores  Foxcroft
 April 22, 2016  Maranacook, Monmouth, Winthrop, Gardiner, Hall-Dale, Kents Hill: GirlsBoys  Maranacook
 April 21, 2016  Brewer, Hampden, Old Town, Washington Ac., Ft. Fairfield, Dexter, Belfast, Matt. Acad., East Grand, Greater Houlton Christian, Hermon, Houlton: GirlsBoys  Brewer
 April 20, 2016  Red Riot Invitational – ResultsTeam Scores  South Portland
 April 19, 2016  Tom Foley Invitational: GirlsBoys  Falmouth
 April 15, 2016  Winslow, Spruce Mountain, Foxcroft: ResultsScores  Winslow
 April 15, 2016  Lewiston, Edward Little, Brunswick, Oxford Hills: GirlsBoys  Lewiston
 April 15, 2016  Maranacook, Cony, Mt. Blue, Messalonskee, Waterville, Mt. View, Kents Hill: GirlsBoys  Maranacook
 April 14, 2016  York, Traip, Thornton, Wells  York
 April 14, 2016  Mt. Ararat, Leavitt, Boothbay, Gardiner, Buckfield: ResultsScores  Mt. Ararat
 April 14, 2016  Skowhegan, MCI, Camden Hills, Medomak Valley, Nokomis, Oceanside: GirlsBoys  Skowhegan
 April 14, 2016  Belfast, Brewer, Erskine, Lawrence, Morse, Islesboro: GirlsBoys  Belfast