2023 Sub 5 Annual Membership Meeting

Please join us for the Sub5 Track Club group run and Annual Meeting Saturday, March 25 at the Haley Ward Offices at One Merchant Plaza in Bangor.

The group run will begin at 9:00 AM from West Market Square in Bangor. Run distance and pace will be determined depending upon participants. All are welcome.

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for 11:00 AM. Bring your favorite dish to share as the event will start with a potluck. Programming and agenda for the gathering are still being determined.

Per Sub5 Track Club bylaws an annual meeting is required. Additionally, prior advance notice for bylaw changes is also required. There are two bylaw changes to be approved:

1) A motion to update the bylaws to allow for the “annual meeting to take place between January and April.” Current bylaws stipulate March. This will provide more flexibility for the board and planning.

2) A motion to “expand the board membership up to 15 members.” Current board membership is limited to 11 members, including the executive board. Yes we’re looking for new board members to join us so that we may extend our offerings with more volunteers.

Thank you to members who have renewed their Sub5 memberships. Your support is appreciated. Congratulations to 2022 series award winners. It was great to see so many fellow runners at the Awards Reception in January.

An RSVP for the group run and/or meeting is not required but if you’d like more information, including learning more about board participation, you can email me at [email protected].